• Value Added Services

    A set of additional value-add services, allowing us to tailor our products for you. We can provide additional insurance, customs brokerage, or special handling for non-standard cargo.

  • Special Handling

    We can handle not only standard cargo but also oversized cargo, heavy lifts, dangerous good, and valuables with special origin and destination handling including individual trucking solutions.

  • Temperature Controlled

    Especially for Healthcare or Perishable cargo but also for any temperature sensitive cargo we offer temperature controlled services with several temperature ranges, passive packaging and protection services, and GDP compliant where necessary.

Dangerous Goods

Dangerous goods are subject to transport, workplace, storage, consumer and environment protection regulations, to prevent accidents to persons, property or the environment, to other goods or to the means of transport employed.

The transport solution involves the implementation of adequate measures to ensure their transit in total security. Transportation may be by land, sea, waterways, rail or even by air.

On both local and international levels, regulations are extremely strict regarding authorization for the transport of hazardous goods in a given territory. Market players must respect several directives according to the mode of shipment employed:

  • ADR transport: transit by road, conformity with the European Accord for Dangerous Goods by Road;
  • RID transport: transit by rail according RID regulations (international carriage of dangerous goods by rail);
  • Maritime transport: the codes relative to sea navigation and packaging are applied;
  • ADN transport: concerns transit via waterways and is governed by the European agreement (international transport of dangerous goods via interieur navigation)
  • Air transport: this transit mode involves the technical security directives elaborated by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).


Transportation insurance is a policy that offers coverage on the insured's property while it is in transit from one location to another via any necessary mode of transport. This coverage is based on the value of goods and the amount of risk the insurance company is taking on while the property is moved from loading to the stated destination. SKY Couriers offer comprehensive coverage options that allow you to protect your business against unexpected circumstances, quick and hassle-free.

Customs Clearance

  • Anticipated customs clearance – submitting the customs declaration during opening hours, before the goods arrive in the country, and obtaining customs clearance when the goods arrive in the country, outside of opening hours
  • Customs clearance outside opening hours - the flexibility and large number of specialized staff allows us to carry out customs formalities on request 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including public holidays, as long as the urgency is justified (perishable goods, continuous flow production lines)
  • Courier on board - our company carries out customs clearance activities for couriers on board (passengers with consignments of goods) both at the Otopeni Calatori customs office and at the Timisoara Airport customs office
  • Payment of customs debt on behalf of customers - we can pay customs debt on behalf of our customers upon request and on the basis of a contract. Thus, the payment of the customs debt is made quickly, from the money account opened by our company in the accounts of the customs offices, without waiting for the money to enter the customs accounts