Perishable food shipments represent challenge for freight forwarders not only because of their time critical delivery and temperature sensitive transportation conditions, but also for food safety concerns. While cold supply chains extend longer and more complex, transportation options are also changing. Nowadays traders and consumers want access to virtually anything, anytime of the year, including an array of food items from different countries. Perishable cargo has limited shelf-life and is susceptible to deterioration or uselessness if delivered delayed. It may require refrigerated warehousing and transportation to extend its commercial life.

Whilst carriage in reefer containers or trailers is a transportation method particularly cost effective in shorter hauls and for larger shipments, air transportation has is excellent mode of transport for the long-distance export of perishables. Whether this mode of transport is capable of efficiently responding to the increased demand due to incentives for fresh agricultural products exports depends on possible space limitations in certain itineraries. Preparing to ship perishables you must identify the kind of product and its limitations. If you ship bananas, which have a limited shelf life and can't be frozen, they have to get to the customer very quickly. Therefore, air express shipping may be the best transportation mode.

In general, food will spoil if exposed to improper temperatures or humidity levels or long periods of time prior to consumption. Pharmaceuticals can become unsafe or ineffective if temperatures or humidity levels exceed allowable ranges. And plastic becomes brittle in low temperatures. In other words, examine what makes your particular product perishable.

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